Our History

Dr. Bruce Hunter and a Snowy Owl

In 1981 the Wild Bird Clinic was created at the University of Guelph's Ontario Veterinary College. The clinic treated sick and injured birds for release back to the wild.
In 1987 a Turkey Vulture was admitted to the Wild Bird Clinic with a common injury - a broken wing caused by a car collision. Socrates the Turkey Vulture
Socrates showing his wing amputation Attempts to save the vulture's wing proved unsuccessful and it was amputated, making him non-releasable.
In 1990 Dr. Bruce Hunter and clinic volunteers formed the Wild Bird Clinic Education Program to teach the community about human impact on nature, using Socrates the Turkey Vulture to spread the message. Dr. Hunter and Socrates at an early education program
Einstein the Great Horned Owl Over the next 15 years the program gained new birds and volunteers, and continued to perform outreach in the community.
Due to funding constraints, the Wild Bird Clinic was forced to close its doors in 2006. Dr. Hunter, Kay McKeever and clinic volunteers
Volunteer Kristine Kirkby with Einstein A small team of dedicated volunteers salvaged and revamped the education program, temporarily called Wildlife Education & Environmental Programs.
In 2010 the program was rebranded and relaunched as Wild Ontario, with a focus entirely on environmental education and outreach. Volunteer Yuqing Sun with Einstein
Volunteers Sally and Fiona with kestrels Artemis and Apollo meeting the public

Today Wild Ontario continues to grow, deliver programs, provide experiential learning for volunteers, and pursue Dr. Hunter's original goal of reducing human impact on nature.

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