Who We Are

Based at the University of Guelph, Wild Ontario is three things:

1. An environmental education program, delivering live-animal shows and displays across Ontario.

2. An intensive, experiential learning opportunity for student volunteers.

3. A long-term home and purpose for birds which can no longer survive in the wild.

Our Mission:

Wild Ontario volunteer and bird at programThrough our education programs and volunteer opportunities we aim to foster love and appreciation for Ontario's incredible wildlife and wild spaces. We use our live birds-of-prey to teach about science and help people make connections to nature. We teach biology, ecology, ornithology, conservation and stewardship in a manner that everyone can understand and appreciate. We believe that learning should be fun above all else, and we want you to have fun with us!

The passion and enthusiasm of our people is infectious, and an encounter with our birds is unforgettable. Their unique stories spread the word about our impact on wildlife, and how to turn it from negative to positive. Whether it’s the beautiful, yellow eyes of an owl or the bald, wrinkly head of a vulture that captures your imagination, we know you will have a memorable experience with us. You won’t even realize how much you’re learning!

Wild Ontario Quick Facts:

• Wild Ontario is based at the University of Guelph in the Department of Animal Biosciences.

• Wild Ontario was formed in 2010, but has its roots in the UofG Wild Bird Clinic Education Program, established in 1990. (Learn more about our history)

• We see over 55,000 people yearly with our education programs, traveling all over the province of Ontario. (Learn more about our education programs)

• We work with only native (to Ontario), non-releasable birds. These birds have suffered a negative encounter with humans, and can not be released into the wild. Wild Ontario gives these birds a new purpose, using them for public education and awareness. (Learn more about our birds)

• We provide an intensive experiential learning opportunity for over 40 student volunteers from the University of Guelph. This unique program gives passionate young people the opportunity to learn skills ranging from bird care and training to leadership, teamwork and public speaking. (Learn more about our volunteer program)

• Our funding is entirely self-generated through program revenue, occasional grants and generous donations. (Learn more about supporting Wild Ontario)

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