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Jenn Bock, Program Director

Jenn Bock
Program Director

As our fearless leader, Jenn really does it all! On any given day you may find her training volunteers, delivering education programs, trimming talons, attending meetings, training birds, answering emails, or bringing the team together for a well-earned social event. Hers is a job that truly never ends!

Jenn first joined Wild Ontario in 2006 as a volunteer, and after working her way through the ranks she took the reins and guided the program through a complete overhaul. The result is the Wild Ontario that you see today, a program that would not exist if not for her perseverance and dedication!

Kyle Horner, Education Coordinator

Kyle Horner
Education Coordinator

Kyle officially joined our small staff team in early 2015 to take on our ever-growing education program. Kyle has been a part of the program since 2005, occupying numerous roles as a volunteer. In that time he also racked up a wealth of experience in the field of environmental education, working for parks, zoos, botanical gardens, private foundations and non-profits.

When he's not answering emails, delivering programs, building perches or training volunteers, you'll find Kyle with binoculars or a camera in-hand, soaking up the incredible nature our province has to offer!


We are connected to the University of Guelph by our four, incredible faculty advisors. These dedicated people provide invaluable guidance, advice and support - we'd be lost without them!

Dr. Andy Robinson

Dr. Andy Robinson - Associate Professor for the Department of Animal Biosciences, OAC.

As an active professor and researcher with a focus on livestock genetics, Andy is a very busy man! Somehow though, he always finds time for Wild Ontario. Andy is an expert problem-solver, and is always game to help with anything from fixing a flight cage to attending stressful meetings. We couldn't live without him! Learn more about Andy here.

Dr. Shelley Hunt

Dr. Shelley Hunt - Associate Professor and Arboretum Director for the School of Environmental Sciences, OAC.

Shelley is a professor and researcher with a focus on forest ecology, and is also the Director of the University of Guelph Arboretum. She is passionate about environmental education and student involvement, and has quickly become an incredible champion for Wild Ontario - we are so lucky to have her! Learn more about Shelley here.

Dr. Dale Smith

Dr. Dale Smith - Facility Veterinarian and Professor for the Department of Pathobiology, OVC.

Dale is an accomplished veterinarian and scientist who is just as likely to be found teaching parrot pathology in Guelph as rhinoceros chemo-immobilization in Zimbabwe! Dale has been a part of Wild Ontario since its time as the Wild Bird Clinic and is currently our facility veterinarian, overseeing the health of our non-releasable birds. Learn more about Dale here.

Dr. Hugues Beaufrere

Dr. Hugues Beaufrère - Chief of Avian & Exotic Medicine Services, OVC.

Hugues is a board-certified veterinary specialist in avian medicine in both Europe and North America. In 2013 he obtained his PhD and became board-certified in zoological medicine. With a list of qualifications as long as your arm and a real passion for birds, we couldn't be luckier to have Hugues as an advisor! Learn more about Hugues here.

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