Festivals and Events

From fall fairs to formal galas, we are always excited for a special event! We have appeared at tree-plantings, black-tie dinners, nature festivals, fairs, film premiers, medieval festivals, trade shows, fundraisers, corporate events and more - our live birds are guaranteed to draw a crowd! Our festival and event programs:

event program event program
event program event program

To book Wild Ontario for your festival or event, or for more information, please contact us! To see what people are saying about our programs, visit our testimonials page!

The Wild Ontario Advantage:

Our birds are carefully socialized and accustomed to nearly any situation - some have been working with us for decades! They have walked red-carpets, hob-nobbed at gala affairs and strutted their stuff at trade shows with thousands of camera-wielding spectators. We believe you won't find better-adapted birds anywhere. Our handlers don't stand behind tables or ropes - they walk into the crowd for nose-to-beak encounters!

Although our birds are amazing at what they do, they are still live animals and their safety is our utmost priority. Our well-trained handlers monitor them closely for stress and don't push their limits. At big events we bring enough birds to rotate, allowing our birds to rest and us to have relaxed, comfortable birds on display at all times, creating the most positive experience possible for your event participants!

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