School Programs - Walking Field Trips

If you want to get your class outside without the hassle and cost of busing, our walking field trips may be perfect for you! In these hands-on birdwatching programs, we walk from your school to a nearby natural area in search of local birdlife. We aim to identify as many birds as we can, and submit our results to a citizen science project (eBird) back in the classroom! Our walking field trips:

school program school program
school program school program

For more information, or to book a school program, please contact us! To see what people are saying about our programs, visit our testimonials page!

Not sure if it'll work for you?

Most schools have a suitable park or other natural space within walking distance. If you're not sure if a walking field trip would work in your location, please don't hesitate to ask - we'll investigate your area and let you know what we think the best options are!

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