Our Birds: Einstein

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A.K.A.: Ein, Stein, Stein-o-mite!

Species: Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)

Sex: Female

Hatched: 1994

Arrived: 1994

Condition: Human Imprint

einstein   einstein   einstein   einstein   einstein

Her Story

Einstein was just a young chick in the nest, when a farmer decided to cut down her tree. He didn't know the tree contained a nest of owls, and when it came crashing down the nest was destroyed. The farmer collected the baby owls, and delivered them to a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

At the rehab centre, the veterinarians examined the owlets and hurried to move them to the Owl Foundation, where they could be fostered by an adult owl and released into the wild. Unfortunately, Einstein was exposed to the staff at the rehab centre for too long, and became a human imprint: she will forever believe that she is a person. Her siblings - a few days younger than her - were successfully fostered and released. Einstein joined the team at Wild Ontario, and has wowed and inspired audiences ever since.

Species Information: Great Horned Owl

Range: North America south of the tree line, parts of Central and South America.

Habitat: Nearly anywhere with trees - forest, farmland, urban parks and ravines.

Diet: Almost anything! Mostly mammals and birds, but also reptiles, amphibians, insects and fish.

Fun Fact: Incredibly powerful! Can catch, kill and carry prey over 3 times its own body weight!

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