Our Birds: Hunter

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A.K.A.: H-Man

Species: Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)

Sex: Male (We think!)

Hatched: Unknown

Arrived: 2015

Condition: Wing injury (gunshot)

His Story

Hunter arrived at Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge with a mysterious wing injury. It seemed that he, like many Turkey Vultures, had been hit by a car while feeding on roadkill. The injury had mostly healed, but because of scar tissue around his elbow, Hunter couldn't fully open his wing. The staff tried physiotherapy to increase his range of motion, but the damage was too severe. Unable to fly, Hunter would have no chance of surviving in the wild.

Hunter joined Wild Ontario in August 2015. During a visit to the OVC Avian & Exotics Clinic, x-rays revealed lead fragments in his elbow, showing the true cause of his injury to be a gunshot. It is hard to imagine why someone would shoot a Turkey Vulture - it may be a case of mistaken identity, or someone just looking to cause harm.

Hunter is named in memory of our program founder, Dr. Bruce Hunter, and is already on the road to making a great ambassador for this misunderstood species - his quirky demeanour and boundless curiosity have quickly won over our staff and volunteers. He is currently in training, and will hopefully be visiting audiences soon!

Species Information: Turkey Vulture

Range: Throughout most of North and South America. Most of Ontario, but migrates south in the winter.

Habitat: Nearly any habitat, but prefers open areas such as fields, meadows, escarpments and road corridors.

Diet: Only eats carrion (dead animals). Not picky about the type of animal - any dead thing will do!

Fun Fact: Has one of the strongest stomachs in the world - can digest anthrax, botulism, E. coli and salmonella!

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