Our Birds: Indiana

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A.K.A.: Indy, Dr. Jones, Jonesy

Species: Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)

Sex: Male (We think!)

Hatched: Unknown (estimated 2005-2006ish)

Arrived: 2008

Condition: Human Habituated (illegally kept by people)

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His Story

Indiana was found in 2007, in poor health and wearing homemade wire jesses (falconry equipment) that were digging into his legs. He was delivered to the Toronto Wildlife Centre for rehabilitation, but the equipment he was wearing left little mystery about his early life.

It seems clear that Indiana was illegally captured from the wild by someone who wanted to use him as a falconry (hunting) bird. The wire jesses (typically made from soft leather) tell us that this individual was not familiar with proper falconry techniques, and most likely was unlicensed.

Because of his early life with people, Indiana is habituated to humans and would not survive if released into the wild. His beautiful plumage, important story and goofy face make him an excellent addition to Wild Ontario, and he never fails to impress an audience!

Species Information: Red-tailed Hawk

Range: All of North America south of the tree line.

Habitat: Nearly any open area - farmland, prairie, desert, scrubland, roadsides and urban parks.

Diet: Any small animal it can catch. Especially rodents and rabbits, but also reptiles, birds and amphibians.

Fun Fact: Hawks have excellent vision, and can resolve objects up to 8x further away than we can!

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