Our Birds: Puck

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A.K.A.: The Puckster

Species: Eastern Screech-Owl (Megascops asio)

Sex: Female (we think!)

Hatched: Unknown

Arrived: 2015

Condition: Human habituated

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Their Story

Puck's history is not entirely clear - she and her sibling were discovered near a roadside by an individual who thought they'd been hit by a car. Realizing that he was unable to provide a good (and legal) home for them, he ultimately surrendered them to a nearby education facility after an unknown period of time. Both owls were human habituated or imprinted.

Puck and Oberon (then Hootie and Ben) spent 7 years on display at Science North in Sudbury, giving visitors a rare look at these cryptic little owls. In 2015, Science North began seeking a new home where the owls could continue and expand their educational purpose, and in April of that year they joined the Wild Ontario team.

Although they had been education birds for almost a decade, Puck and Oberon had never traveled or been handled for the style of programming that we do. With some careful training they adapted well to their new jobs, and began delighting audiences everywhere they went! Sadly Oberon passed away in 2017 of lymphoma, but Puck continues to be an excellent ambassador for this common but seldom-seen species..

Species Information: Eastern Screech-Owl

Range: Eastern half of North America, from southern Ontario to Mexico.

Habitat: Nearly any wooded area, from forests to urban parks. Nest in tree cavities or artificial boxes.

Diet: Any small animal it can catch. Small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, earthworms and spiders.

Fun Fact: Eastern Screech-Owls are surprisingly common in Ontario - you probably live near one!

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