Our Birds: Quito

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A.K.A.: Taquito

Species: Broad-winged Hawk (Buteo platypterus)

Sex: Female (We think!)

Hatched: 2017

Arrived: 2017

Condition: Wing injury, possible human imprint

Her Story

Quito was found on a driveway in Toronto. It seemed that she had hit a window, so she was taken to the Toronto Wildlife Centre. Quito had a wing injury and possibly some head trauma, but with help from the centre staff she began to heal up. As she healed though, it quickly became apparent that she was extremely comfortable with people.

Her unusual behaviour may be due to her head trauma, or it may be that Quito had seen humans before. She may have been taken illegally from the wild as a chick, then later released in the city. This would explain the odd, urban location she was found in, and would certainly have put her at increased risk of an accident.

Whatever the cause, Quito's affinity for people makes her unfit to survive in the wild. She joined the Wild Ontario education team in late 2017, and is currently in training to begin visiting audiences. She is quirky and cute, and we are confident she will be an excellent ambassador for her species and the forests they call home.

Species Information: Broad-winged Hawk

Range: Most of eastern North America. Migrates to Central and South America in winter.

Habitat: Likes dense forest, far away from people.

Diet: Any small animal it can catch, especially frogs, insects and rodents.

Fun Fact: Is a very common species in Ontario, but rarely seen due to secretive nature and forest habitat.

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