Events & Festivals

From fall fairs to formal galas, we love a special event! We do nature festivals, fairs, tree plantings, film premiers, trade shows, fundraisers, corporate events and more! Our event programs:

• Can be shows, displays, meet-and-greets, photo stations or other formats.

• Can take place in nearly any space, indoors or outdoors.

• Feature up-close encounters with our live birds!

event program event program event program
event program event program event program

To book a program for an event or festival, or for more information, please contact us!

The Wild Ontario Advantage:

Our birds are carefully socialized and accustomed to nearly any situation. They have walked red-carpets, hob-nobbed at gala affairs and strutted their stuff at crowded trade shows. Our handlers don't stand behind tables or ropes - they walk into the crowd for nose-to-beak encounters!

Although our birds are amazing at what they do, they are live animals and their safety is our utmost priority. Our well-trained handlers monitor them closely for stress and don't push their limits. We bring enough birds to rotate, allowing our birds to rest and ensuring we provide a positive experience for everyone!

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