Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we are most frequently asked about our education programs. If your question is not answered on this page, please don't hesitate to contact us!

1. How much does it cost?

- This may be the number one question that we get! We try to keep our programs as affordable as possible while meeting our expenses for staffing, materials, travel and the maintenence of our birds. Because every program is unique the cost varies, and depends on the duration, travel distance and more. Please contact us with details about your program, and we would be happy to provide you an estimate of the cost, and details of any available options.

2. How far do you travel for programs?

- There is no limit to how far we travel (within Ontario), although we do charge a fee according to the distance from our home at the University of Guelph. We do the majority of our programs within a 2-hour driving radius of Guelph, but have traveled as far as 6 hours one-way! Groups that are far away sometimes partner together to share our travel fee, and we are always open to planning multi-program road trips!

3. Can you do overnights and multi-day bookings?

- Yes! We often commute back and forth to multi-day bookings if they are close, but some groups choose to provide accomodation for our staff and birds to save on our travel fee. Our staff are happy to camp or stay in a hotel, while a secure location at your site is often best for our birds. If you are considering a multi-day booking, please contact us to see what would work best!

4. Do you do programs for special-needs groups?

- Absolutely! We have delivered many programs for special needs camps, classes and programs, and find that our participants take a great deal from the experience. Please let us know if we can adjust our programs in any way to suit the needs and learning styles of your audience.

5. What is the maximum/minimum number of people I can book a program for?

- We have no program maximums or minimums, and have delivered programs for groups of 10 and audiences of hundreds! Smaller groups sometimes choose to partner together and share the program fee. For very large groups, please consider the venue and sound-system requirements carefully!

6. What kind of setup or supplies do you require?

- We are generally quite self-contained, and usually require very little setup. For presentations we may require a sound-system if the group is very large. For displays, we typically request 1-2 folding tables. For any outdoor program, we require a shady spot (picnic shelter, tent, large tree, etc) to help keep the birds cool.

7. What can I do to make the birds comfortable and ensure a good experience for everyone?

- Our birds are well trained and socialized, and are comfortable in most situations. The two exceptions to this rule tend to be very loud noises (from trucks, utility vehicles, loud music, etc) and dogs. Considering these factors in our placement at your event can be very helpful! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

8. Can people take photos of the birds/handlers?

- Absolutely! We love to see your photos, and you can share them with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

9. Can people touch or pet the birds?

- We do not allow touching or petting of our birds (nor do we touch them ourselves), and the simple reason is that they just don't like it! Raptors are non-social animals, and they just don't understand that sort of affection, instead seeing it as negative or scary. It is important that we understand their needs, treat them respectfully, and cultivate the right attitudes about these animals. We do bring touchable props and bioartefacts including feathers, wings, feet and skulls, which allow our participants to get hands-on and examine what makes these animals so special!

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