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Our Supporters:

We are excited to recognize and thank all of our current supporters - our program would not be possible without your generous contributions!

Bird Sponsors:

Michael Zhu (Apollo)
Danae Fraser (Chinook)
Renzo Dalla Via (Einstein)
Macklin Muddle (Apollo)
Rosemary McIsaac (Apollo)
Kitty Lin (Chinook)
Kristine Kirkby (Thomson)
Marc Cuda (Hunter)
Kurtis Elton (Artemis)
Deanne Smith (Whistler)
Kitty Ostermann (Chinook)
Ray Bock (Einstein)
James Brett (Hunter)
Dr. Judith A. Bell (Apollo)
Devin Rideout (Freyja)
Helen Marie Teo (Apollo)
Barbara Duyck (Chinook)
Kappa Kappa Gamma (Puck)
Adam Socknat (Chinook)
Kerry Schutten (Hunter)
Emmy & Keira Fong (Apollo)
Dorothy Thornton (Hunter)
Denise Sun (Artemis)
Cecelia Ho (Apollo)
Dairy Queen Guelph (Apollo)
Esther Finegan (Whistler)
Susan Devine (Einstein)
Mathieu Delisle (Indiana)
Scott Cafarella (Whistler)
John Thornton (Apollo)
Jenny Lin (Whistler)
Ross Gordon (Chinook)
Jonathan Cass (Thomson)
Margaret Young (Puck & Oberon)
Donald W. Thornton (Hunter)
Stephen Barsky (Artemis)
Cecelia Ho (Ellesmere)
Pamela Jacobs (Apollo)
Esther Finegan (Puck & Oberon)

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