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Our Supporters:

We are excited to recognize and thank all of our current supporters - our program would not be possible without your generous contributions!

We Thank:

and Clayton Porter for their donations of lumber and HDPE paneling for our winter bird housing project! Our cold-sensitive birds thank you!!

Bird Sponsors:

Joyce Sanvido (Mowat)
Jared Krebs (Mowat)
Russell Lyons (Chin, Arrow, Moose)
Davran Costa (Apollo)
Bianca Del Vecchio (Thomson)
Rebecca Graham (Sibley)
Felix Williams (Mowat)
Cindy Morey (Thomson)
Lee Kelm (Ellesmere)
Adam Socknat (Einstein)
Jared Krebs (Whistler)
Dar'ya Heyko (Mowat)
Michael Zhu (Apollo)
Danae Fraser (Chinook)
Dr. Richard Frank (Artemis)
Ariel Oleynikov (Mowat)
Karen Tomchick (Quito)
Wayne Humphries (Apollo)
Barbara Duyck (Thomson)
Mindy Williams (Indiana)
Fiona Sahyoun (Artemis)
Mauricio Beltran (Mowat)
Jackie Power (Apollo)
Hugues Beaufrère (Thomson)
Audrey Braschel (Einstein)
Dr. Judith A. Bell (Apollo)
Devin Rideout (Freyja)
Heather Stokes (Thomson)
Kortright Hills Kindergarten (Chinook)
Steve Share (Quito)
Susan Elliott (Thomson)
Meera Navaratnam (Artemis)
Viktoriya Hlamazda (Whistler)
Delaney Kelm (Ellesmere)
Ana Beltran (Mowat)
Maggie Barton (Apollo)
Clayton Porter (Freyja)
Susan Devine (Einstein)
Mathieu Delisle (Indiana)
Renzo Dalla Via (Einstein)

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