Other Volunteer Opportunities

While our volunteer handler program is an intensive commitment and learning opportunity for University of Guelph students, we often have need of skilled volunteers in other areas. The amount of time these volunteers can commit is flexible based on availability, and can even be on a per-project basis. We currently have need in the following areas:

• Fundraising (small-scale or large-scale, related experience a big plus!)

• Carpentry & construction (mostly light projects, but skill and creativity required)

• Graphic design & illustration (especially for producing digital biological illustration for use in teaching)

If you think you may have the time and ability to help in one of these areas (or another) please contact Jenn Bock at info@wildontario.ca to discuss how we might work together!

Our Current Skilled Volunteers:

Dav Nemethy-Fekete

Dav Nemethy-Fekete
Construction & Logistics

Dav is a do-it-all volunteer if there ever was one - always game to dive in to unusual construction projects, fixing broken things, solving logistical problems or any other challenge that presents itself. His can-do attitude and creative solutions help us do a lot with a little, and we don't know how we ever survived without him!

June Yang

June Yang

June began with Wild Ontario as a student volunteer once upon a time, and has returned to us with a penchant for fundraising! She got our Sponsor-a-Bird program off the ground, and has taken on numerous other projects to raise money for the program. We're so grateful for her work, and her persistence in working through the challenges of a very busy program!

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